Video Recording & Production

Electricpark Video Recording and Production Services UK

An essential part of our team’s skill set is Video Recording and Video Production. As well as our regular mainstay of Conference Video Production work, our videographers also film Seminars, Debates, Forums, Webinars, Interviews and other promotional items.

Choosing the right equipment and the best techniques, we combine them with our many years of experience in the field to expertly capture high quality footage in almost any environment – From the Auditorium to the Conference Room, the Studio to the Office.

Our constantly evolving kit list currently includes cameras from Sony and Panasonic – all with exceptional imaging capabilities. This great technology is harnessed together with our meticulous planning & attention to detail wherever we shoot. Once filming is complete we seamlessly transfer to our Post Production Studio where we can add custom graphics and animation to complement the captured footage.

Pricing Guide

Audio Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP3 and digital upload
  • Equipment: 2 x microphones, 2 channel recorder
  • Starting price £150 + travel

Video Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP4 and digital upload
  • Equipment: Single camera, tripod, 2 ch recorder
  • Starting price £400 + travel

Post Production

  • Audio Post Production - £25 p/hour
  • Video Post Production - £150 p/day
  • Graphics and Animation - £25 p/hr
  • Formatting and Delivery - £ on request

Prices are for guide purposes only and subject to VAT – please call or email for a personalised quotation..

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