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Electricpark Post Production Services UK

When it comes to the finished product, all eyes turn to our state-of-the-art Post Production Studio. It is here that our trained engineers use top of the line hardware from Apple, Apogee & Genelec, together with the latest software suites from Adobe, Avid & many more.

This great array of technology is combined with our specialist knowledge and many years of experience in the fields of Audio and Video Post Production – we take existing recordings and Edit, Mix, Equalise, Animate, De-noise and Grade the material to produce a first class product every time. We can also add custom Graphics, Animation, Sound Design and more to complement and enhance the material.

Once the Post Production is completed, then the Media is ready to be formatted to your particular bespoke requirements. The we can send the finished files to you digitally via our high-speed connection or alternatively on a disk / USB key via traditional post.

Pricing Guide

Audio Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP3 and digital upload
  • Equipment: 2 x microphones, 2 channel recorder
  • Starting price £150 + travel

Video Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP4 and digital upload
  • Equipment: Single camera, tripod, 2 ch recorder
  • Starting price £400 + travel

Post Production

  • Audio Post Production - £25 p/hour
  • Video Post Production - £150 p/day
  • Graphics and Animation - £25 p/hr
  • Formatting and Delivery - £ on request

Prices are for guide purposes only and subject to VAT – please call or email for a personalised quotation..

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