about us

We are currently based in East Sussex, which is a great place to take photographs, but we frequently travel to other parts of the UK too and of course the camera comes with us! Seeking-out unique places and situations where we can develop our craft, we try to achieve a moment of separation on each shoot where we are able to briefly step outside of the pressures of everyday life and capture our surroundings objectively.

Our interest in photography started in the late 1980s and progressed (sometimes slowly, sometimes at pace) up until the present day. We have used a variety of cameras and lenses over the years, adapting to each technological advancement where appropriate – Our current favourite body is the Sony A7RII used in connection with Zeiss lenses – we use Adobe Lightroom for all our processing.

The photographs featured on our site cover a wide range of subjects which we have divided into relevant categories or genres – we hope there is something here for you. The majority of the images are available to purchase either directly from us or via stock photography sites. If you would like a printed version of a photo then please contact us and we can provide you with a quote.

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