St.Mary’s Church, Reculver

St.Mary's Church, Reculver viewed from South East

On a trip to the Isle of Thanet earlier this week, we made a quick diversion to visit the church of St.Mary’s at Reculver, which dates from 669AD.

Perched on the edge of the sea, the church is easy to spot for many miles around. This is due to the twin towers at the front of the church that were added in the 14th Century and are still intact.

However, the rear of the church is a crumbling ruin, and was apparently built using some of the stones and tiles of a Roman Fort that was previously on the site.

Perhaps there is a slightly eerie or unnerving feel to the church because of its size, isolation and position on the shore line?

It was great to visit a part of Kent that felt cut-off and rural, especially considering its proximity to the very populated and urban environments nearby.

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