Video Production of Webinar at CMS London

Filming of Webinar on Cyber Risk at CMS London for SCL tech law essentials

As part of one of our regular client’s ongoing tech law essentials e-learning course, we travelled to the offices of CMS at Canon Place in London. And luckily for us, the meeting room that was booked for us to film this webinar on Cyber Risk was light and spacious.

We allowed plenty of time to set up our two cameras, a separate audio recorder plus two of our boundary mics. After introductions with the legal experts who were to deliver the webinar, they assembled around the corner of the conference table and we made some brief adjustments to the cameras and mic positions. We discussed the format and schedule for the webinar. We advised to try and keep going through any potential hesitancies or mistakes as it would add more energy in the recording. And the good news was that the four experts sailed through the presentations and discussions in one take with no need for any reshooting!

Once back in the studio we loaded all the recorded data into our system and then set to grading, editing and mixing the material. 48 hours later we had uploaded the finished MP4 to our Dropbox ready for our client. Thank you to Amit Tyagi, Lee Gluyas, Rebecca Adkins and Steve Sandford whose professionalism made the event a pleasure to be involved with.

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