Video Production at Minster Court, EC3

Catex and RFIB- acord club - 23Oct2014

We were delighted to hear again from reinsurance firm Catex, who (together with RFIB) were taking part in the monthly Acord business club event at the iconic Minster Court in the centre of London’s underwriting companies. Catex wanted us to record a video of the presentations that could be later shown on their website.

Having visited the venue in advance, we knew the best position for our camera and also the type of lighting that we were up against (it was quite dark, so we had to use a discreet camera-mounted LED light to lift the shots). Due to the layout of the room, we also had to use a camera-mounted microphone together with a separate boundary microphone and recorder which we positioned close to the presenters.

For the Video Post Production, we got hold of the slides from the presentations, which (after adding a little animation) we used to punctuate the five different sections of the 30 minute video. Something that we had to deal with in Post, was the flicker that the projection screens generated when committed to film. Some special software soon removed the problem, and with our fast upload link from our studio, the finished video was soon being viewed across the Atlantic.

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