Video Production of Forum for Ethical Trade Initiative

Video Production for Ethical Trade Initiative at Goodenough College

Our friends at the Ethical Trade Initiative got in touch with us to Record the Audio and Video of their Members’ Forum. This was taking place close to the ETI offices at Goodenough College, near Russell Square in London.

The large wood-panelled hall was a challenge for our cameramen as there were high level windows letting shafts of sunlight fall down on to the audience and speakers, but with some adjustment they found the best spots. After pitching in to help with the sound system, the audio feed was sorted out and we were ready to roll.

Conference Video Production requires the filming of a lot of footage so the cameras were rolling the whole day, but with great presentations from the likes of Brendan Barber and Simon Steyne, the time flew by.

The Post Production that followed included integrating and animating some of the original Powerpoint slides from the day’s presentations. This helped to add dynamics to the finished videos that ETI had requested. Separate Audio Recordings were also produced that would be used as Podcasts. Many thanks to Alan from ETI for his support over the years.

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