Video Production of Energy Summit, LBS

A call from London Business School is greatly received, and on this occassion it was to make a Video of a Summit that the students organised as part of their course. We travelled to the main LBS site to meet with our contact and then next door in the RCOG’s auditorium, we set up our cameras and sound recorder.

The student body may have organised the event, but that had no impact on the way the day ran…. In fact it was better organised than a lot of Conferences that we attend. In between filming the keynote, presentations and panel discussions, we found time to make a couple of quick interviews with high profile speakers from the event, as well as some interior and exterior footage to add texture to the finished videos.

A whole day’s filming is a lot of footage to get through, and over the next couple of days we were locked in the studio getting each segment of the day’s events ready to convert to MP4. We then set about producing a 3 minute highlights video to be shown on the LBS YouTube channel.

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