Sound Recording of Barristers Workshop, EC1

Equality Workshop, Matrix Chambers

We were fortunate to hear again from Matrix Chambers at Grays Inn. They wanted a Sound Recording made of a workshop that they were planning to hold for the staff and barristers who work at Matrix. The aim was to update the key requirements of the Equality Act and the Bar Standards Board rules of the Equality and Diversity Code of Conduct.

We had previously worked in the room where the workshop would take place, so understood the set-up. Arriving at 07:30, we chose a pair of omni-directional boundary microphones, secured to the two edges of the front facing side of the top table, allowing us to make a stereo recording that captured not only the chair person as they moved around the room during her presentations, but also the assembled thirty or so people in the room who would be interacting throughout the morning.

We carefully set up our noise cancellation software the next day (the room had two air con units to contend with, plus outside noise). Once processed, we converted the recordings to MP3 and uploaded to our secure cloud storage.

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