Podcast Recording at Ritz Hotel, London

One of our most regular clients asked us to make a podcast recording of an Investment Briefing that they wanted to hold in one a room at the celebrated Ritz hotel in London. We arranged to view the room in advance and discovered that (due to some amazing acoustics) there would be no PA system in use.

After careful planning, we settled upon a mix of microphones strategically placed around the room that would provide focussed near field for presentations from the lectern (a compact hyper-cardiod) and the panel’s table (an omni-directional boundary mic) as well as clear, audible questions from the seated guests without the need to pass a microphone around (this would have been confusing for all with no loudspeakers present, as well as being disruptive). This was quite a challenge which we achieved by positioning a pair of MKH416 mics above the projection screen, pointing out and down into the room.

Next morning in the studio, some careful processing took place. A lengthy analysis of the noise profile from the q&a section of the recording was undertaken. Eventually we had a finished, noise-free sound recording ready to convert to MP3 and upload to our cloud storage for the client.

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