Recording of hearing for the Pensions Ombudsman

We were contacted again by the office of the Pensions Ombudsman, who asked if we would travel up to Manchester and make a recording of a special hearing. It was being held in one of the conference rooms of a large hotel in the centre of the city.

Having previously established the layout / facilities of the room where the hearing would take place and the format for the hearing itself, we travelled up the day before and stayed overnight nearby so that we could be there bright and early to set up our equipment.

Naturally, with sensitive work of this type, discretion is a major consideration and so we were mindful to set up as un-obtrusivley as possible. Even though it could have been possible to monitor the recording process from an adjacent room, our set up was discrete enough to have no impact on the proceedings, and so we were allowed to stay in the room throughout the proceedings.

With the hearing concluded, and all the material successfully recorded, we packed down. The following day the recordings were processed (luckily, there was little post-production required on this occasion) before being sent via secure mail to the Ombudsman’s office. Thank you to the team from the office of the Pensions Ombudsman and also the staff at the hotel who were very welcoming.

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