Quarterly Video Production for City-based Investors

Green Screen Video Production London

A regular event in our calendar for the past two years has been to produce a  twenty minute video each quarter for the city-based investment firm 7IM. The video examines the current financial markets around the world & 7IM’s position on those markets and is is presented by the company’s CEO and CIO.

The Video Production changes & evolves from quarter to quarter,  including a certain amount of pre-production in the week leading up to the shoot. The filming of the video itself takes place in one of the meeting rooms at 7IM, where our team convert the space into a temporary studio for half a day, with a full green screen and lighting to match. Shooting the video with green screen allows us to add custom graphics and animations in the background, as well as the charts that are given to us by 7IM. For the sound, we use a pair of lapel microphones for the two presenters on a separate audio recorder and then sync to picture in Post. This gives far superior results where the dreaded air-con is ever present!

It normally takes two whole days of Post Production to get the visual and audio elements perfect and ready to upload the client’s website.

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