Podcast Recording of Quarterly Forecast


This regular Podcast Recording that we make for the investment management firm 7IM, is essentailly a Conference Call that details the upcoming quarter’s financial ups and downs across the globe.

We always arrive in plenty of time to set up and test our Microphones and Data Recorder in the Meeting room where the Conference Call takes place. Positioning a stereo pair of DPA boundary microphones at the head of the boardroom table, we arrange three chairs around the mics accordingly. Our customised Data Recorder has advanced stereo imaging controls so we can adjust the placement of the three voices in the sound space to provide an engaging and dynamic Podcast for the listener.

In the studio we edit and process the material, using special de-noising software to remove the background hum of the aircon that is invariably in every modern office. We then add the intro and outro theme music that we composed exclusively for these Podcasts, before formatting to MP3 ready to upload to the client’s website.

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