Podcast Recording at Kemp Little LLP

SCL at Kemp Little 12 May 2015

Travelling to Cheapside, just near St.Paul’s Cathedral in Central London, we visited the Law firm Kemp Little to make an audio recording of this regular series of seminars. It was destined to be used as a podcast on our client’s website.

As our main recorder was being used on another project, it was the first time out for a recorder we would normally use on one of our video cameras – the Tascam DR44WL. Using two mics, a hyper cardioid mic on the lectern and an omni-directional mic on the panel’s table, we connected and checked levels before booting up our iPad where we could control the recorder wirelessly from the back of the conference room.

This small room was very warm, thanks to full attendance for this ever-popular seminar, so the aircon was up full – this had an effect on the recording, but this is s a common problem we run into so  we are very experienced in the techniques and processes needed to successfully remove the noise from the recording.

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