Lecture Recording at Fashion & Textile Museum

Philip Warkander - Swedish Fashion Now - Fashion & Textile Museum, London 2015

Travelling to London Bridge, we headed for Bermondsey Street and the Fashion & Textile Museum to make this Podcast Recording. The event featured a seminar from the acclaimed Swedish designer Philip Warkander, and was organised by the Embassy of Sweden to coincide with London Fashion Week.

We had to go through various exhibitions and then up some stairs to get to the lecture room where the event was actually being held, and so got a quick peak at the museum itself (which is well worth a visit). The Embassy  had brought along a variety of Philip’s work to display towards the back of the room, and close to this we discretely  placed  our recorder, before running a stereo pair of DPA boundary microphones down to the top table. The lecture explored the rise in popularity of the Swedish fashion industry encompassing high-end and high street, before opening out to the audience for a discussion session  – All went smoothly, and  the following morning we edited and de-noised the material before uploading the finished MP3 directly to the Embassy of Sweden’s Soundcloud.

Thank you to Celia Joicey and her team at the museum for being so accommodating.

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