Filming of Summit at Willis Building, London EC3

Energy Summit at Willis Building

The London Business School got in touch with us again to produce a video of their summit that was to be held in the Willis building’s auditorium opposite Lloyds of London. Following a site visit, we set to work planning the shots and working out the schedule for this all-day event, in a week that turned out to be one of our busiest.

An early start as ever, we set up two cameras to cover the auditorium. On this occasion, due mainly to the size of the venue but also because of a very helpful in-house av team, we managed to secure a good quality audio feed from the stage area which plugged straight in to one of our cameras.

With such a lot of material to get through, the post production was considerable. This was compounded by the request of a highlights video that was required first of all, followed by the individual videos of the presentations and panel discussions. We rolled our sleeves up, and ploughed through the footage, easily meeting the generous deadline that we had been given. Many thanks to Duncan and all at Aquaman for their help on this event.

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