Recording at Royal College of Surgeons

SCL Annual Conference October 2014

Travelling back to the Royal College of Surgeons in Lincoln’s Inn Fields for the fourth consecutive year, we were delighted to be asked to make a Sound Recording of the Society for Computers & Law’s Annual Conference to be used as a podcast.

This year may well have been the best so far, with at times diverse yet always focussed and engaging programme, that saw the vast majority of the audience still firmly in their seats when the conference came to a close at 5.30. Very occasionally, if it is assessed that it would be hazardous to install our own cabling, we will make a special request for access to a feed from the in-house pa system (it is only in very large, integrated auditoriums where this is a concern). And so for this conference we made such a request and needless to say the in-house RCS team were very helpful (as ever).

With a whole day’s recording in the can we set aside the following day to carry out the edits and Post Production that was required, turning all the material into a collection of Podcasts for use on our client’s website. A big thank you to Caroline & Maddie for all their hard work, and for making it so simple for us.

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