Meeting Recording Services

Electricpark Meeting Recording Services UK

A bespoke service that we offer is Recording Meetings – from a head-to-head discussion in a small office to an Annual General Meeting in a Conference Hall. And with over 20 years of experience we are able to offer an extra level of service to each event.

Our considered and thorough approach, combined with our customised specialist equipment guarantees a high-quality audio recording of the proceedings every time. This combination of reliability, quality and discretion is tough to beat. That is why we have recorded in almost every major law firm in the capital, many embassies, conference centres, public sector bodies & institutions.

Once we have skilfully captured the meeting, we relocate to our Post Production studio where the material is de-noised, enhanced, edited and formatted. In most cases our client is able to download a clear and audible MP3 by lunchtime the following day.

Pricing Guide

Audio Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP3 and digital upload
  • Equipment: 2 x microphones, 2 channel recorder
  • Starting price £150 + travel

Video Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP4 and digital upload
  • Equipment: Single camera, tripod, 2 ch recorder
  • Starting price £400 + travel

Post Production

  • Audio Post Production - £25 p/hour
  • Video Post Production - £150 p/day
  • Graphics and Animation - £25 p/hr
  • Formatting and Delivery - £ on request

Prices are for guide purposes only and subject to VAT – please call or email for a personalised quotation..

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