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Electricpark Audio Recording Services UK

Our starting point in Media Production was Audio Recording, and over the years we have become experts in this field – We specialise in recording all aspects of the human voice from Meetings to Conferences, Debates to Live Events, AGMs to Speeches.

Our choice of equipment reflects our knowledge and dedication in this field, with the latest technology sitting alongside tried and tested methods and techniques. Our current kit list includes specially customised solid state recorders from Tascam, as well as an impressive selection of microphones from the likes of Sennheiser, DPA and Audio Technica plus our hand-crafted high-quality cabling.

Our attention to detail, planing and discretion adds another level to the service we offer. With this outstanding level of professionalism, quality and service that we are proud to offer, we believe we are the best choice to capture your next event.

Pricing Guide

Audio Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP3 and digital upload
  • Equipment: 2 x microphones, 2 channel recorder
  • Starting price £150 + travel

Video Recording

  • Installation / on-site technician (2 hrs)
  • Basic edit, format to MP4 and digital upload
  • Equipment: Single camera, tripod, 2 ch recorder
  • Starting price £400 + travel

Post Production

  • Audio Post Production - £25 p/hour
  • Video Post Production - £150 p/day
  • Graphics and Animation - £25 p/hr
  • Formatting and Delivery - £ on request

Prices are for guide purposes only and subject to VAT – please call or email for a personalised quotation..

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