Video Production of Webinar at CMS London

As part of one of our regular client’s ongoing tech law essentials e-learning course, we travelled to the offices of CMS at Canon Place in London. And luckily for us, the meeting room that was booked for us to film this webinar on Cyber Risk was light and spacious.

Audio Recording of Women in Law Seminar at Bristows

We were approached by one of our regular clients to make an Audio Recording of a special event to mark 100 years of Women in the Law. This unique event was held in one of the conference rooms at Bristows’ London offices on the Victoria Embankment.

Video Production of Annual Lecture at IET London

It was great to be asked to produce a video of the inaugural Sir Brian Neill Lecture for our friends at the Society for Computers & Law. And when we realised that the lecture would be held at the Institute of Engineering and Technology at Savoy Place, we jumped at the chance.

Webinar Video at Herbert Smith Freehills

As part of a series of webinar videos, we travelled to Exchange House in the City of London which is the home of Herbert Smith Freehills. They kindly hosted this Seminar on Renegotiations and Disputes which is one of the modules of our client’s Tech Law Essentials course

Audio Recording of Legal Hearing – London SW1

We were contacted by the Pensions Ombudsman to come and record a legal hearing that they were holding in central London. It was a one-day tribunal with between ten and fifteen people in the room at anyone one time.

Seminar Recording at Hunton & Williams

It is always a treat to visit an iconic building, and 30 St Mary Axe is definitely iconic. Getting in was one of the toughest parts of the job (their airport-style security is understandable for such an iconic landmark!).

Podcast Recording of quarterly meeting

We travelled up to Bishopsgate in the Square Mile for this Podcast Recording of the investment firm 7IM’s quarterly investment update. Their impressive new offices were a pleasure to work in, and it was the perfect opportunity to use our new U851R boundary microphones.

Post Production of on-hold phone messages

In the many iterations of Post Production work that we have been asked to do, it was a challenge to enter into the world of telephone messaging, but over the past 12 months or so we have begun producing a series of ‘on-hold’ telephone messages for a couple of our regular clients.

Podcast Recording at Kemp Little LLP

Travelling to Cheapside, just near St.Paul’s Cathedral in Central London, we visited the Law firm Kemp Little to make an audio recording of this regular series of seminars. It was destined to be used as a podcast on our client’s website.

Lecture Recording at Fashion & Textile Museum

Travelling to London Bridge, we headed for Bermondsey Street and the Fashion & Textile Museum to make this Podcast Recording. The event featured a seminar from the acclaimed Swedish designer Philip Warkander, and was organised by the Embassy of Sweden to coincide with London Fashion Week.

Video Production at Jumeirah Hotel, SW1

We travelled to the Jumeirah Carlton tower in Knightsbridge to film city-based investment management firm 7IM’s London section of their latest roadshow. The event showcased the many ways that technology has developed over the past 40 years and more importantly, how these changes relate to modern investing with a particular focus on the world of pensions.

Seminar Recording at Macfarlanes LLP

It was our first time visiting Macfarlanes LLP, which are situated just off of Chancery Lane in London’s legal heartland. We were attending their impressive offices to make a Podcast Recording for our regular client The Society for Computers & Law.

Recording of hearing for the Pensions Ombudsman

We were contacted again by the office of the Pensions Ombudsman, who asked if we would travel up to Manchester and make a recording of a special hearing. It was being held in one of the conference rooms of a large hotel in the centre of the city.

Post Production of VOB files for Legal Publisher

We are more than happy to use our Audio Post Production expertise to process, edit, eq and convert our regular client’s conference call recordings. These are made between three or four offices around the UK, as they link up for monthly law-based presentations and advice.

Sound Recording of Data Protection Seminar, EC4

We travelled to one of the square mile’s most energy efficient new office buildings on Swan Lane just by the north side of London Bridge, where Fieldfisher LLP are located. Their state of the art conference room was the location for this Seminar Sound Recording that we had come to make for our old friends at SCL.

Quarterly Video Production for City-based Investors

A regular event in our calendar for the past two years has been to produce a  twenty minute video each quarter for the city-based investment firm 7IM. The video examines the current financial markets around the world & 7IM’s position on those markets and is is presented by the company’s CEO and CIO.

Video Production at Minster Court, EC3

We were delighted to hear again from reinsurance firm Catex, who (together with RFIB) were taking part in the monthly Acord business club event at the iconic Minster Court in the centre of London’s underwriting companies. Catex wanted us to record a video of the presentations that could be later shown on their website.

Sound Recording of Barristers Workshop, EC1

We were fortunate to hear again from Matrix Chambers at Grays Inn. They wanted a Sound Recording made of a workshop that they were planning to hold for the staff and barristers who work at Matrix. The aim was to update the key requirements of the Equality Act and the Bar Standards Board rules of the Equality and Diversity Code of Conduct.

Recording at Royal College of Surgeons

Travelling back to the Royal College of Surgeons in Lincoln’s Inn Fields for the fourth consecutive year, we were delighted to be asked to make a Sound Recording of the Society for Computers & Law’s Annual Conference to be used as a podcast.

Audio Recording of Big Data Masterclass

We travelled to Linklaters’ stylish UK headquarters opposite the Barbican Centre in EC1 to make a Podcast Recording for one of our regular clients. Big Data is always a very popular topic and this meant it was a full house in the conference room.

Podcast Recording at Ritz Hotel, London

One of our most regular clients asked us to make a podcast recording of an Investment Briefing that they wanted to hold in one a room at the celebrated Ritz hotel in London. We arranged to view the room in advance and discovered that (due to some amazing acoustics) there would be no PA system in use.

Forum Recording at Herbert Smith LLP

The Society for Computers & Law has a two day event each year that highlights the upcoming issues and trends amongst the IT and the Law communities. We were fortunate to be asked to make a Sound Recording of the Forum, that is generously hosted by Herbert Smith Freehills LLP in their London office – Exchange House.

Employment Law Seminar Recording, London

We were glad to hear from our friends at Matrix Chambers, who asked us back to record their annual Employment Law Seminar. On this occasion, the Seminar was held in the newly refurbished Royal College of General Practioners. Their impressive auditorium was set up in such a way that in order to get the best Sound Recording, we needed to liaise with the helpful in-house technicians to run cabling to our recorder.

Podcast Recording of Quarterly Forecast

This regular Podcast Recording that we make for the investment management firm 7IM, is essentailly a Conference Call that details the upcoming quarter’s financial ups and downs across the globe.

Conference Recording for Radian in Winchester

It was a pleasure to take this enquiry from Radian, who wanted a Conference Recording made of their half-day event at the Wessex Conference centre near Winchester. A very early start was required, arriving in Winchester just before 7am.

Filming of Presentation in London EC3

We received an enquiry from reinsurance company Catex asking for a presentation to be filmed in their UK offices opposite the iconic Lloyds building in EC3, which was fortunate as the two guest speakers were Tom Bolt  and John Hamblin.

Location Recording for BBC Comedy, London E1

We were thrilled to be asked to make this Location Recording for the BBC in the venue Rich Mix, just near Shoreditch in East London. We paid a visit to the venue ahead of the event to look at the set-up, and were very happy to find a state-of-the-art console with digital multicore running back from the stage.

Filming of Summit at Willis Building, London EC3

The London Business School got in touch with us again to produce a video of their summit that was to be held in the Willis building’s auditorium opposite Lloyds of London. Following a site visit, we set to work planning the shots and working out the schedule for this all-day event, in a week that turned out to be one of our busiest.

Seminar Recording at the N.U.T. hq, London

Our oldest client got in touch with us to make a Sound Recording of an Employment Law Seminar that they were involved with. As it was held in the National Union of Teacher’s headquarter in Central London, we were confident in our set up as we had worked there on several occasions previously.

Meeting Recording for HR Owen

The luxury car experts HR Owen got in touch about making a Meeting Recording of a half day event they had organised for their sales team in the Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum, near Gloucester Road.

Video Production of Energy Summit, LBS

A call from London Business School is greatly received, and on this occassion it was to make a Video of a Summit that the students organised as part of their course. We travelled to the main LBS site to meet with our contact and then next door in the RCOG’s auditorium, we set up our cameras and sound recorder.

Video Production of Forum for Ethical Trade Initiative

Our friends at the Ethical Trade Initiative got in touch with us to Record the Audio and Video of their Members’ Forum. This was taking place close to the ETI offices at Goodenough College, near Russell Square in London.

Debate Recording for Civil Mediation Council

This Sound Recording that we made was part of a series of Seminars held by CMC, exploring alternative dispute resolution. The venue for this particular debate was one of Queen Mary University’s buildings in the historic London Charterhouse, EC1

Conference Recording of SICA Forum, London

We jumped at the chance to work in Canning House on Belgrave Square, where this Forum was to take place. The Central American Integration System (SICA) Forum’s theme this year was Central America: Partnerships, Challenges and Transformation.

Podcast Recording at Edwards Wildman LLP

We travelled up to the London offices of this prestigious law firm, who were hosting this Seminar for our regular client the Society for Computers & Law. We had been asked to make a Podcast Recording of the seminar and so arriving in good time ahead of the event we set up a small recorder and a pair of microphones.

Conference Recording for Lancet & UK Health Forum

For one of our first outings, the UK Health Forum contacted us about making a Conference Recording of their event that they were holding together with the Lancet at the impressive Wellcome building in Central London. The UK Heath Forum (formerly the National Heart Forum) work hard to prevent the spread of non-communicable diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke & Type II Diabetes.

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